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Episode 2

S2 Ep1: Kay Burn Lim about being Inspector Gadget

During the Surface Time today, I caught up with Kay Burn Lim for some coffee while he was transiting through Singapore for a quick dip in Sipadan, Malaysia. We first met at an underwater photography competition in Timor Leste over 10 years ago. Back then he was a hobbyist photographer and clearly a talented one as he participated and won the competition. My little claim of fame is that I was his support diver. So a decade on, he is now an award-winning cinematographer and highly regarded Mr. Inspector Gadget.

It was amazing to hear how he has evolved from a hobbyist photographer to cinematographer, contributing to several shows that many of us have enjoyed in our own living room. He has certainly left an impression that “travelling light” could be a reality for scuba divers. So we shall see.

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