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Episode 3

S3 Ep2: Matt Reed & David Joyce : Business Relationship like a Marriage

During the Surface Time today, I spoke with David Joyce and Matt Reed of Evolution Dive Resort in Malapascua, Philippines. So, for all shark-loving divers, Malapascua is the place to go for sightings of thresher sharks. It is a remote island with limited resources. Tourism, especially, scuba diving plays a significant role in the livelihood of the island.

When David and Matt first established Evolution, it was never meant to be just another dive resort. Their sweat and tears have earned not only the accolade of being a 5-Star Dive Resort rightfully, but also a special mention in the National Geographic book “A Diver’s Guide to the World” by Carrie Miller and Chris Taylor. Here is “what”, “how” and “why” it is one of my favourite dive resorts in Philippines.  

Having listened to their stories, it has further validated my belief that the making of a great business is more than about making money. While making money is still a priority, it is equally important to incorporate personal values and life philosophy into the business.

In doing so, it creates circular benefits, like the butterfly effect, spreading the feel-good factor across to all the stakeholders. We as the travellers and scuba divers visit the island, which helps to improve local economy. The island residents get to enjoy better quality of life and, therefore, continue to making the effort to protect the environment. In turns, the environment and ecosystem above and beneath the surface bounce back and continue to thrive. And circle back to us, scuba divers, get to enjoy the healthy marine environment, warm connections with the residents, making more new memories. In other words, it’s karma – what goes out there will come back to you; and often in multiples.

By the way, the Craic House does take the hospitality very seriously. You must experience it yourself. 

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